Saturday, May 7, 2011


So i am a TAD late and all the pics are BORROWED from different people but here are some core pieces of what talent my school has...
The Evening of Innovation was our Annual Fashion Show in downtown Center City at the Academy of Music. This year we honored Tommy Hilfiger (who was "unable to make it due to family emergency") and had the guest appearance from the Host of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Carson Kressley.
 my FAV design of the night done by my co-worker her inspiration was Victorian . Dont you just LOVE the tuxedo wedding gown?

 Mommy and Me

These are jut some of my favorites.. the quality .. the style .. the inspiration.. the layout.. the garments.. the set.. the voice overs... were just AH-MAZING! Makes me proud to be a student at this University as well as very proud OF the students at this University.

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