Saturday, April 30, 2011



I have not used this since the damn summer.
Its a shame how i fell off. 
I have been on tumblr, posting actual posts and random photos 
but i realized although tumblr is fun and easy 
it is not something to brand ME. 
I have to have something solid thats personal to me that i can call my own 
this is what THIS IS 
i should have never fallen off but keeping up with a blog is not easy 
it is basically a job
and i commend those that keep up with it so well.
But anywho thats just a quick recap. 
I will be posting my outfit recaps (not bc im cocky but just to show my style)
my fab finds ( yes i am a thrifter) 
what i am up to, what i am doing, what i plan to do
and most of all anything and everything i find relevant to me.. 
hope you enjoy! 
And for the random video in the beginning.. i am just OBSESSED with that song off of the album, and the video just compliments off the fun , let loose be free vibe!.

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