Monday, July 19, 2010

MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)

I FINALLY made my way to MOMA

I never really did the whole museum thing but i decided hey why not be "Artsy Fartsy"
I was intrigued by some pieces and sculptures
and others im just sitting there like THIS IS "ART"?!
Seriously a whole painting was painted Red
Seriously?! Smh
And people pay money for that?!
But other pieces the thought and technique is magnificent!
Art is beautiful because 20 people can look at the same piece and have 20 different interpretations to it.
The reason for it is it could attract and appeal many eyes but warp into their minds to suit their life and personality.

[Shes the lady in Red while everyone is wearing Tan]

[ i didnt even need to read the reason I KNOW lol]

[yeah i had no words either lol]

[Classic Black Hair Ad ]

[Michael Jacksons favorite product RIP SORRY LOL]

[A rowboat made of purple 'things' looks like penis' to me lol]

[True Shit]

[Architecture at its finest]

[Your Opinion?]

[Collage of body parts classic! Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder]

[ Can finally say No ]

[ I support and i do not judge]

[i hate myself : and u love me for it. i love myself: and u hate me for it]

[Im sure if i threw paint on a canvas itd be call CRAP lol]

[I love the pop color]

[ Pop Culture = Adore]

[Marilyn Monroe a true ICON ]

[Tasty Art]



[Pure Dope]

[Baby Got Back LOL]
Hat - Forever 21 $19
Shirt- Rainbows 5$
Skirt- Salvation Army $6
Necklace- Afaze $10
Bag - Forever 21 $15
Sandals- Rainbows $8
Ring- Charlotte Russe $10 (Free.99 lol)

[Momas outside cafe Raspberry and Mango Sherbet TASTE JUST LIKE THE FRUIT yum =D ]

[Cafetasia w. the diary after some art =D ]

[Faded Red Lips]

[Happy Hour= Half Off =D ]

[Calamari Salad w. white rice ]

[Shrimp && Chicken Noodle something but it was yummy lol ]

[I finally saw the Catwalk Sidewalk]

Ended the day with surprise West Side Story tickets thanks to @MaddisonMadonna It was such a great remake of it! While everyone was so intune to the story (Not to say I wasnt either since I could not for the life of me remember the ending) I was intrigued by the costume selection and the technique of these performers. It made me remember my dance school days and made me miss it.. Everything looks so easy until you have to master and perfect a simple two step. I loved the entire play and i crave to see more Broadway plays. They truly are packed with talent!

[Even chains wont hold me down]

[New York Stay on Top ]

Crazy . Sexy. Cool. Phunky. Phresh. OUT. DUECEZ

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