Saturday, July 10, 2010


So i went to GoodWill and bought $7.00 high waist thrift shorts ......

&& I had a vision ...
but my vision had a mission ...

The Mission::
1. Cut Shorts under back pocket to desired length
2. Bleach Shorts
( Lay Shorts on old towel, put bleach in plastic bowl, use latex gloves, use sponge to paint desired spots, wash shorts, dry shorts )
3. Distress Shorts with sandpaper and razor
4. Add fabric to back pockets
The Outcome::

So with basically $10 and a vision haha and TIME! It isnt a long process just the sewing and washing but i believe its worth it [♥]

.....but i was not done lol had other projects

Made some Feather Earrings::

with earring clasps wires hot glue and feathers lol

Safety Pin Earrings && Leggings

with earring clasps, safety pins, and leggings lol

&& I just bought these but i think there awesome LOl

I really dont care if Leggings go out of style. I was so against them when they first came out because of the way they were worn and WHO was wearing them. But now there so funky free and easy im in LOVE so even when there out ill be IN lol

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