Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another day of Thrifting

So i Finally made my way to Salvation Army and snagged quite a deal...but before i went there had to do some pit stops at Ralph polo Lauren and Juicy Couture !!

But First My Outfit Of Course LOL
Forever 21 Shirt $14.80 ( && I cut the sides)
Lion Ring $8.00 Charlotte Russe (Free . 99 ;) )
Tiger Necklace $10.00 Amuse
Plaid Shorts $12.00 Macys (3 years ago )

Now to my inEXpensive Goodies ::

So they were supposed to be $39.50 EACH but to my surprise they were 50% off so when shawty said 22.80 i hopped back over and got the Polo along with the Rugby
"if it aint the gucci or the louie hen itst polo or its rugby .."

&& to the Juicy Couture I went..

"Smells like Couture" DEF going back next week for their new necklace []

For My Th rifting ...
4.99 Turtleneck Long Sleeve Polo

6.99 Flannel Button Down

4.99 Red Polo

5.99 Parachute Pants

5.99 Snake Print Skirt

&& I got Mommy A Banana Republic Basic Black Silk Scoop Neck Blouse 3.99

As well as a $25.00 Polo from TJ MAXX lol

It was a great day =][=

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