Thursday, June 2, 2011


My Second Official Feature :: DiAndre Brown 

Who is he? 

New Jersey Native 
Stockton College Student
Psychology Major 

 What describes him? 


What does he want to do? 

Write X Make Music to Inspire Others 
Hoop X Ball Professionally 
"Its a Sin to waste a talent" Which is what made him start to take his music seriously 
Be Successful ( Lets face it thats a bigger waste of talent if it is not used for success) 
Become a serious 'Change Maker' in the Music World and Promote and revive G.O.O.D MUSIC instead of this filth that takes up 80% of our radio tunes. He is NOT a rapper he is a lyricasit, his words are there for you to think feel and be inspired. 

Where can you find him?

---Please click and download or at least listen!

In the pictures above are pictures that I personally took myself the first night I met Mr.Brown. We were at Abakus Takeout and the 2 boys in the picture were the boys that made us meet and speak. He was drunk however and it made his little introduction quite humorous. He let me know loudly who he was and how Luis ( the one in the middle) is his brother "Nah my blood brother that#s my brother" if i am not mistaken! LOl. But as i started following him on Twitter I saw he was another unique urban dope individual that is about his business and making moves. I respect his hustle and his grind. As I am sitting here listening to his music for the first time, and first time being aware this is what he does as well I am honestly impressed. It is on some mellow , lyrical shxt.. kind of reminds me of J.Cole but with a little harder approach like Wale. I am actually LISTENING to his words instead of just trying to get in with the beat and listening to some get money fuck bxtches i run shxt im taking over haters make me greater typical nonsense. And ladies hes a cutie ;) 
#DopeCity Stamped. 

Just in case you dont listen to his music heres a taste of his lyrics: 
"If i can go back in time i probably would
I dont wanna give you my all, but i probably should
To show you im better then niggas in hollywood
All i need is cash and respect, ill be good
You can keep the fame that shit never intrigued me
Thats a long way from home, i never wanna be ET
Reason you cant see me, ive been under a tepie
Its like my whole life i been balling in D3
Throw me in the leauge i still make this look easy
Brown shit butter, the flow bout good as a Reese
She call you to shop, she come over to please me
Since the flow water. It have her wetter than fiji
Im here to stay like it or not you need me
Plus my whole fam starving, stomach hollaring feed me
asking for a cure, so i give them the potion
Open my whole chest look inside lyrical dopeness"


  1. this is kid the truth

  2. i believe this is jumbo and is supposed to be " this kid is the truth?" lol