Monday, September 10, 2012


So September 6th was Fashion Night Out and for the past three years running I always made sure I was back in New York City! However, this year I was fairly disappointed. Soho is my favorite neighborhood and shopping area, so that is where I go every year. Sometimes I breeze past 5th ave but I always feel broke so I tend not to bother. This year though Soho was INSANELY packed! It became a bit overwhelming the amount of people there! I guess it was mainly because so many celebrities were spotted last year and make appearances ex. Kim Kardashian, Olivia, Tyler the Creator and Pharrell at his meet and greet and BBC. It was also more 'ghetto' hoodies running around which was a turn off. My other issue was the lack of excitement and promotions in the stores this year. The event segment was lacking. I may be a TAD bias due to Betsey Johnson closing and being my favorite store. But it seemed like all stores really had to offer was a DJ and some had random goodies like Guess had sweet treats, Hugo Boss was the only store with FNO shirts and some alcohol, and then some stores had Balloons and raffles. No excitement no thrill barely anything extra. All and all I still loved seeing the fabulous style and creative looks!

Me && Mr.Man outside Cafeteria where we ended our Glamorous night. (His bowtie was tied but he got tired and comfortable lol)

Kind of blurry but Mr. Man and his full on look

Side View Mohawk Stats

The rightys bright red sneakers
Boycotting outside Zara oh fashion!

Dope ArtWork outside Kid Robot

The roommate! First time in NYC for FNO


Some fly asians with their fly balloons

Who.A.U one of my newest favorite stores from last year!

@DeemdaFATBOY dancing with the random pink elephant!

Dope drink mixture!

The babe & the sis being silly!

ehh I guess


Her eye make up was dope!

Black n Fashion!
Always on the quest for a finely dressed man! Hugo Boss was CRAWLING with them!

Getting it in at Hugo Boss

Guess had the dope live mannaquins

Female DJ's are the best DJ's

I LA LA LOVED his hair !!

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