Thursday, August 2, 2012


Who is he?
Frank Anthony Caffey
22 years young
Senior at Queens College
Graphic Design Major

What does he do?
Fashion Designer
Graphic Designer

What describes him ?

What is Grade A Attire?
NYC Based Clothing Line
Top of line Luxury Accessories and Apparel

What inspired the name? 
"You always want to be dressed your best., dressed best at the top of your class hence the "Grade A" and when people say attire you won't think urban, your thoughts are more upper class luxury clothing"

What do you want to do?
"Eventually I want to be a Professional photographer who is looked at as an artist. I want to have my own gallery. Also within the next few months  GRADE A ATTIRE's goal is to be top 5 upcoming clothing lines in NYC ."

What inspires you?
"With my photography  and videography weird things  inspire me. Anything that would make the normal mind take a double take intrigues me. Thinking outside the box is my specialty. In the fashion world the #1 thing/person that inspires me is Kanye West. This man considerably single handedly made European fashion a trend in the hip hop industry. Skinny jeans, wax denim,  v-necks and etc we're all considered "homosexual" at one point and time. Kanye basically said "fuck you" ima wear what I want and swag the fuck out, He is the epitome of fashion. Fashion is making something different look DOPE in your own way no matter what people think. And that's what GRADE A ATTIRE try's to being our people"

Where can you find him?
Instagram/Twitter : @Sphinx_GradeA
Videos/Photo Inquires :
Grade A Inquires:  

What do you get when you mix urban creativity and initiative? 
No, not an Occupy Wall Street movement. The answer is Grade~A Attire. In the brisk winter of 2012 in Queens NYC, co-founders Ant Smooth & Frank Sphinx cooked up an idea that was too golden to ignore. With fashion at it's all time high, Anthony and Frank publicize their vision and continue to explore the trends and oddities of the fashion world. With their original hand-crafted signature pins, a complete outfit is only an accessory away. Grade~A epitomizes independent collaboration and quite frankly, begets some cool shit.

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