Monday, March 12, 2012

Florence Finds!!

Of course Florence is KNOWN for their leather goods and markets so it only made sense that I check it out for myself and come home with some goodies! I must admit I did want some riding boots but did not see any stores with any good shoes for that matter... but I have enough boots and I still love my finds none the less! My parents are coming in two weeks and might take a trip there anyways so I might tag along and see if I get a jacket out of it =) 
Business Card Holder (dad) and Bookmark (me)

Fell in love with EVERY barbie dress.. uh hello where is it in my size?
Leather Market!
What a cute fly guy! 
He spoke good english as well! We had stopped him to ask for the picture and he stated how he could not see too good anymore =( for someone who could not see well he was sure able to pick out a fly outfit! Old people are so cute to me but it makes me so sad to see them and scared to be one..

See the rest!!!

Beautiful Leather!
Jeffrey Campbell!! Those Wedges were everythingg!!

Barbie Again 
Bag (sister) Gloves (mother)
Two bags (me obsessed with ^ color!!!) Eyeglass holder (mother)

Wallet (Sister)

Leather Firenze Bracelets (Friends)

Sister- obsessed with Totes lol

Images from the Gucci museum they give out along the way since they allow no pictures. Seriously probably the highlight of my trip! Just made me respect and love the brand so much more after learning the story!

Italian Wallet (Dad)
What beauties!!

Random Cute Figurines =)

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