Monday, March 5, 2012

Fairytale Endings ...Everywhere

Yet another Beautiful Wedding in another Beautiful City...
I feel like everywhere I go I run into a beautiful bride in a city that is already taking my breathe away.. 
It's one thing to have your guest awe in your beauty.. but random people on the street.. 
Star Status.. definitely let the world engage in your special moment.. 

But deep down you know we grew apart
Long before I broke your heart, if I lost your respect
I'm just hopin' you don't look at me as somethin' you regret

You can't say we didn't try, you can't say we didn't try
 I tried, you tried, we tried
All of the times that we had together
We should've known nothing lasts forever

Moments like these truly make me hopeful for my future...well future in Laska 

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