Monday, January 16, 2012

Roman Finds!

So Rome has CRAZY sales apparently only for the month of January. So I thought hey why not take advantage of these sales. I'm here for four months you only live once YOLO  

My Two New Tote bags from the Roman Disney Store! Actually they are for my sister smh LOL 5 Euros! 

H&M Pink Jeans 19 Euros 
Lashes 3 Euros 
Facial Masks 1 Euro
Barret 3 Euros 
Lip Gloss 2 Euros 
Necklace 5 Euros

Dope Sweat shirt 22 Euros at MANGO ( Its funny how I finally shop in these stores in a different country smh )

Both leggings 14$ ! Blue Stretch and Metallic
aka Totally Sexy

38 Euros (biggest Spend) 
Skulls have become my newest obsession since I have been here. The craziest part is that during last semester for my Merchandise and Buying Operations course we had a final project called "Merchandise Plan" and I picked to be a Buyer at Saks and Fifth Avenue for jewelry department. In my research I had declared and found that skulls were very popular again this season in Europe... and boy was I correct!

$10 Euros Leggins Omai Now or Never. They had dope corsets tah tahs did not want to fit properly in them I need like a half size smh

Brandy <3 Melville ! Cute ass store! Got these two crop tops 10 and 15 Euros and this Key Necklace for  7 Euros! They're store was a blend Urban Hipster very Urban Outfitter Like I loved it! If I was balling for no reason I would have picked up soo much more ! 

KIKO a makeup company produced in Milan, Italy man was there sale and prices inexpensive! Even without the 50% off sale it was affordable! I definitely want to stock up on some more goodies while I am here! I purchased basics that I needed 
Nail Polish Remover 3 Euros 
Mixing Solution 5 Euros (to mix loose shadow/powder) 
and Orange Lipstick I have been looking for 2 Euros! 
I was so hype to find the orange because Sephora had it for 22 Euros who was paying that?! And I purchased Orange Lipliner and decided I want to do the full Orange Lip,once I master that it is on to Plum! =)

Zara is another store I never went into but I always liked ... just could not afford it on my college part time checks. Glad I did today though! 50-70 percent marked down !

Jeggings 20 Euros
Both shirts 10  Euros

Went into all these designers stores walked out with only catalogs and perfume samples LOL

Got these from street vendors 10 and 15 Euros

Earrings 15 Euros
Bracelet 12 Euros 
Necklace 10 Euros 
Studs 5 Euros 
Scarf 10 Euros 
Ring 10 Euros

Went back to H&M just to be lucky for them to have the shoes I wanted in my size! Color Blocking time!

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