Friday, January 13, 2012

And they say the best things in life are free..

 I captured this little cutie the other day by Santa Di Maria in Traverse, Rome about 2 minutes from my apartment while sitting on the fountain steps enjoying a quick snack/lunch.   Her and her sister were blowing bubbles while their parents watched them play and recorded their offspring run wild. The youngest (who I captured) was too precious to me. She just seemed so happy doing the simplest past time of blowing bubbles. It made me realize how sometimes we forget to enjoy the simple things in life itself. There is so much negativity , stress, and bullshit we never stop for a minute and take time to blow some bubbles. "They" always say that "oh to be young, oh to be stress-free worry free, oh to be a child again" to describe the easiness carefree life children live, and how growing up is when the pain and trouble occurs. However there are children growing up embarking on a more troubled and painful path that many of us could not even imagine enduring or living through. So at any age , through all situations, ups downs, trials, tribulations, success, failures, smiles and tears lets each take a minute no not to smell the roses but to blow away all problems 

I also captured this puppy playing catch with its owner (below) as soon as I walked a block away which I  played off the same thought process.

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