Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Sixth Official Feature :: Mani Marino 

Who is she? 
19 year old Baltimore Native 
Sophomore College Student 
Psychology Major Philadelphia University 

What Describes Her? 

 What does she want to do? 
"I'm interested it making a hobby a full time job. I love to make music. I love people and I try to do things that will make people happy. I want to graduate college and either pursue music to the fullest, or continue onto graduate school and major in social work." 

What separates her from the others?
Lesbian X Female X Rapper X Full Time College Student X Resident Assistant X Mentor

What are your stories about ?
"I rap about anything that crosses my mind. Sometimes it's about women, sometimes it's flashy and fun, sometimes It's about my life. "

When did you start rapping?
I've always loved music...all kinds of music. I started seriously rapping and recording a little over a year ago. My interest really began when I got to philly and realized the potential I could have just because I was in this city. I knew I could possibly take advantage of the arts and music culture that is cool to young people here.

I have the pleasure of embarking on this young woman's journey. She is truly on her grind and passionate and dedicated to what she does. She stands behind her work and pushes it past her limit. I heard her spit at one of our BRAG events and was like WOAH this chic is nastyy on the mic! On top of that she has more bars, flow, swag, presence , performance, rhymes, than some of the guys that walk on this campus ( NO SHADE JUST TRUTH). Not to add she got the style to compliment it. This effortless urban, steezey, dope, clean, tomboy-ish swag influenced by the styles of Pharrell , Chris Brown, Vashtie & Teyana Taylor seals the deal and completes the entire look and package. "The Dollhouse" fully supports self-made young adults and fully supports "The Promotion"

Where can you find her?

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