Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was bummed a little bit that I was going to be unable to do Philadelphia Fashion Week this year due to my schedules. But then I did it last year and I really do not care for being a dresser. Thankful I was invited by David ( drumcrazie ) who was interning for Angela from Showroom77 to be Press for the week from Wednesday- Saturday. I was more than thrilled and excited! This was the opportunity I needed to start my portfolio. I do not want to be a photographer but I want to start getting my skills up. I also realized I need a legit camera. I figured since I was just using it for my personal leisure, and start up I would not need one, but now I want that to be my next investment ( after study abroad of course when I might have money haha). I invited my love Shaleeta ( VintageLoveAffair ) along and we were a power HOUSE! We met the Saturday before at the Germantown Arts & Fashion Festival in my previous post and she is the Pepper to my Salt (insider haha). We got to mingle with some important figures and upcoming designers, bloggers, make up artists, models, executives , magazines and firms. Everyone was on their Fashion A Game and looked fabolous!

I am going to break the days up by posts as well so it is not overwhelming in one post. 

This was Wednesday Event at the Kimmel Center for the Cocktail Chic Fashion Mixer and Runway Show. 
This Showcased Banana Republic Lines and two independent lines. 

DJ Hollywood was on the 1's and 2's for the entire Philadelphia Fashion Week! Fly Guy Dope Tunes!

My new found PhilaU buddy! haha

 He designs the Pendant!

 Angela is the one in the right picture in the middle =)

 David conducting an interview

 Fiya- And her hair is just that ;) Lovely lady! Make up artist!

 Dame in the middle is the designer and master mind of these pieces Inspiration? Anything outside the box

The lovely models - Antywon i met Saturday as well he also named me and Shaleeta Salt & Pepper and he is FIERCE he ALWAYS tears up the runway! Follow him @WellKnownWright

Another beautiful make up artist !