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 So for those who dont or do know I decided to go natural this summer.. and hopefully stay that way for life. lol. But before I transitioned and during I was concerned about male opinion. Not that Guys are all that matter in my life,but I was concerned about if I would be considered less attractive, and I was curious about what Males think. I asked a general question to my male followers, and received ALOT  of the same positive feedback from numerous amount of my male followers. Some of which never tweeted each other before lol. So I decided to do an interview of one of the Natural Hair Supporting Guys.  

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1) What is your general opinion on  hair?

Hair is an expression of ones personality and style. You say more about yourself by how you present yourself then speaking. There shouldn't be anything fake about a person unless it's a necessity and that goes for weaves.

2) What is your personal preference?

My personal preference is natural curly hair. Light brown to black with a lot of body and bounce. Celebrities Esperanza Spalding, Solange Knowles and Chrisette Michele are just some examples.

3) What is your feelings towards Black girls and their hair?

I used to find it funny at times how seriously black women took their hair. But when I watch the process my girlfriend goes through just to get up and go to work in the morning, I have a new found respect for them. I am strictly anti weave, especially on girls who switch up every 2-3 weeks (long to bald back to long again). Nah I'm good shawty. I'll take my natural women any day.

@SweetestVenom - Mz. Tiffy Tequila 
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4) What is your opinion on weave?

I believe that weave should only be used if and when needed.  To me, weave translates something fake that I don't want to be associated with. There is just something sexy about a woman who's real hair drapes down the middle of her back.

5) Can you honestly say some people need weave?

Yes, some people do need it. Actors/actresses, people with hair loss or very thin hair.  That's about it.

6.)What is your opinion on straight, wavy, kinky, curly and nappy hair?

the world is so fascinated with out peoples hair. Black hair has the ability to grow and style so many different ways where races like Caucasian and Asian have limited styles.  I'm just saying I have never seen a Asian with a natural fro.

7.)What do you think of when you hear those words?

Each of those words have a distinct meaning. While some of them might relate to one another, none of them have the same meaning.

8) What is society's definition of beautiful hair?

I think societies definition is long, free flowing hair that ranges between shoulder to mid back length.

9)Do you think natural is not for everyone? Or that they should at least try?

It could not be for everyone, but I have yet to see or meet anyone it looks bad on.

10)What about natural hair makes it attractive?

Honestly i don't know. I guess to know that she grew if herself and it all came from HER head.

11) When you can not tell its weave do you mind it? Or is it only when its poorly done and noticeable its a bother ?

Of course I don't mind, because I DON'T KNOW lol!  As soon as I find out though, all bets are of and your CUT.

12) Do you think going natural is sort of rebellious for girls?

Not really. I believe it's just them embracing their roots.

13)From your observations what are guys first initial reaction to a female with natural hair.. especially if she is gorgeous or "bad"?

I don't really see a difference between reactions of different hair styles. If a girl is bad, she's bad. Her hair just adds to the appeal. The only time reactions are different are when it fits a guys preference.

14) Has your hair preference always been the same? If not when did you prefer what and what made you change?

I used to fall for weave. Long flowing hair used to be my favorite. Then it went to short cuts and finally rested on natural hair. I guess my preference changed as I matured more. 
I know some people may be offended by this post. But honestly I do not care. Everybody has their own preferences and beliefs. My personal one is as black females it is very hard for us, and we create this whole business of Hair due to society. And for us to go natural is like being a rebel breaking society norm, acting out and against what is accepted by embracing our roots. As black females though we have such different hair textures that is very unique and should be appreciated instead of ashamed. Growing up I fell victim to the white crack, and did the braided extensions. However, I was never a fan of weave. I always saw it as a fake materialistic thing. It creates this synthetic lifestyle from synthetic hair. It is also frowned upon to look ghetto, acrylic nails, cheap labels, no true definition of style. If you want to play your hair up here and there fine I understand.  But when it becomes a regular and no one knows what your hair is like it is ridiculous. My biggest pet peeve is the natural hair WEAVE! Like really? But this is the type of hair we are blessed with but we are going to pay for a fake track to look like what we have? Its like a dumb poodle. But not everyone has the courage and attitude as well as patience to pull it off. Those that do I tip my hat to you. Natural Hair sort of creates a whole different lifestyle. Again just my opinion.


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  3. so sorry had to Delete both msg to that i could put them together....I really like this post but I would have to say that, I believe that as a black woman our natural hair represents strength and natural power!
    However I also believe that as an individual I am powerful and strong whether I wear weave or not, you see I love myself enough to not care about what society thinks of what I look like.
    I wear weave to add colour of length to my look its not about looking like beyonce or little Kim, put it this way people who wear make up are not fake they are just adding to their face its the same with clothes fake eye lashes name brand shoes... it all adds to what we are trying to (show) express in our own personal styles.

    As black folks we need to get over this fake hair complex most white celebs wear extensions do u see their white fans caring NO! I mean like some women have a hair complex because of what they think men will think lol and half the time men really don't care because if weave or natural hair kept a man ... shit would be different!

    If u want to be natural rock it natural and just be happy natural If weave does it for other girls let them be happy with that!

    Because at the end of the day success and happiness doesn't equal natural hair or weave!


    1 of the greatest quotes to me is... 2B yourself in a world dat is constantly trying to make u something else is the greatest accomplishment