Thursday, June 2, 2011


Some of you may know but for the most that do not know.. I have always (somehow) been a relationship girl. Since the sixth grade I was always with a boyfriend or an involvement and always helping my friends either find or work through their situations But I am such a Wild Free Spirit it always amazed people how I always ended up in relationships, involvement, and long relationships at that. Now just because I think and act like a dude does not mean I am NOT a female and believe in Love and Old Fashion Romance. I grew up in a strong home and family ( well somewhat) of Love and Relationships. I saw and lived through the good the bad the negative and the most important positive which are my parents. 
BUT back to the basic key point of this post is it true when they say we are too young for love? Is there a perfect time to feel such strong emotions?
In MY Opinion which I learned tonight.. Yes. 
Being in a situation where you are overpowered by the love you have for another human being which you have never had before and planning a life out and seeing a future with them is a scary situation, and at a young age probably not the best timing. 
With our generation, With this time period it puts a strong tense on the beauty which the relationship has potential to be. 
College- Most of us go, Some go away. Long Distance and the Crazy Impulse of Temptation, Among the many other problems of Trust, Honesty, Respect, Money, and other personal beliefs and situations that is constantly surrounding makes the road bumpy, rocky and almost unbearable. It makes a simple young relationship feel like a year long marriage with children. iF we are not at that age or stage why must we act so? Why not enjoy our youth together while we still have it instead of losing it all before its gone and wishing we had it back when its to late?
Now creating such a strong bond before or during school is not what I feel good timing, and yes I know we have absolutely NO control over our feelings and what comes along, but we need to keep our heads in tact with our heart. During College is supposed to be the "fun years" were supposed to "enjoy" ourselves. But during this time period we are finding ourselves, shaping ourselves, discovering ourselves and trying to BE ourselves.. therefore adjusting , and trying to work with another on path of self discovery and self made and trying to maintain, keep up or begin something so serious and so strong loses sight of the true purpose of relationships....Which is Love. Freedom. Fun. Excitement. Fire. Adventure. Comfort. Pleasure .
We lose sight of the Enjoyment relationships are supposed to bring us and we are supposed to feel... 
young & wild & free..


  1. Unfortunate but true...Preach it! Dope post, and blog!

  2. love this post so true i was thinking the same a few weeks back whilst talking to friends!


  3. smh such is life and thank you!!

    Many people dont even seem to realize it! Thanks tho!