Friday, May 20, 2011


So I have been doing a few projects before work and my internship starts next week. And I made a list of other projects I want to attempt as well. For my first 2 I bleached and distressed/destroyed jeans, and one of them I made into a cut off. I made the cut off a bit longer because all of my shorts are LITERAL bootay shorts smh. And my smart behind definitely almost poisoned myself with all of the bleach fumes ... good job. To do this I used fabric scissors, bleach (duh), and sandpaper.

 My Second Project was Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars. DEELICCCIOUSS!! I told my self this summer I am going to try something (food related ofc lol) new a week as well as make something new. And this was the first thing I made.

I also stopped in Sephora the other day and FINALLY purchased these Pink Lashes I have had my eyes on foreverr. Now I just need an awesome occasion to wear them too. I also finally received my Sephora Rewards Birthday Gift, since they failed to give it on my actual birthday lol. But the lady was really sweet about it. 
For my Cut Offs I decided to Stud the cuffs, which i folded and sewed together I did the front and the back. And then I added star chain to both belt loops on each side. I used a glue gun to do so. I am also going to add star studs to the inside pockets once i figure how to put those darn things on!! >=l 
My Last is my "BRAG BOOK" Have to document and create ideas to give people "Something to BRAG About"" " I have this nasty habit of always wanting to do collages and decorate with images that appeal to me , my personality and style. I decided to only use "Minority" models / celebrities, on this book however since it is BRAG, so I have Janelle Monae and Nicki Minaj as well as other random dollfaces. I LOVEE it though =)

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