Saturday, April 30, 2011


So i have been influenced to move to team natural

Since May 2010 I have been growing out my perm, but still doing Wash & Sets
With the idea of me going abroad for Spring 2011, in ITALY with NO black hair dressers and limited luggage space i decided to expand the transition
So here are some of the styles i experimented with... and i LOVE them ! I cant wait to do more..

BUT!  I definitely need good blog or forum sites to learn more and get better tips AS WELL AS some good products to use so I can rock my biracial curls! ANY HELP?!!?!?!
So i had to put a piece as a bang so I did not have to worry about straightening all the time 
And the colors add fun to my personal style!.

 1. Flat Twist 2. Banut Knots (SO FAR MY FAV!) 3. Pin Curls 
Natural Beauty 
Natural Fun!.

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