Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome to the DollHouse..

What this means is
yes i am PART of the Barbie phase and i consider myself to be Monstah Barbie or Xplicit Barbie depending on the day. But no im not a Nicki Army Barbie .. i stand for Barbie because it is a FASHION icon do your research people. And the Doll House is my thoughts. The basic concept of this blog and what to expect is upcoming designers/ entertainers/ entrerenuers/ artists of every shape and form ( ok basically just fashion and music since there my biggest passions in life next to love which you will get some of as well lol). I am so intrigued by the underground world more than the labels. Dont get me wrong you will see haute couture here.. but i can show you labels until you turn blue.. but whats that going to do? Lets be real how often can we usjust go out and blow a paycheck on one item? No we want underground whats appealing and everyday and i hope to help provide you with a new world. Be prepared for mythoughts, rants, opinions, insight and day to day living as well as randomness
Welcome to the DollHouse..
XoXo MonStah Xplicit Barbie

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