Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thrifting && Thai .. Perfect Recipe for a Goo Day

So recently i started getting more and more into the vintage look.. my main inspiration is the '80s..

(Btw My Outfit Sponsored by Forever 21 LOL
  • headband- 1.99
  • Romper Dress 17.20
  • Shoes 18.90
  • Purse 14.50
  • Necklace - 3..50
  • Necklace - Africa
  • Juicy Bracelet , Betsey Johnson Ring, Door Knocker Earrings

Today i went to the GoodWill on Steinway street because the Salvation Army was unfortunately closed... but i will be making a trip there on Tuesday after Work.

I was less but none the less still satisfied . I got 3 blazer/jackets for $30.00 ( $10.00 for each for the slow ones) . Black J. Crew.. Navy Blue with back slits.. and a Red Charter Club. Got dope pair of shades for 7.99 and the CHICAGO dvd for $3.99

Then in the City on
MacDougal Street i wandered across Monk Thrift Store . It is one good ass thrift shop I must admit! Although all i bought was a black bebe shirt and another dope pair of purple zebra shades.

After an eventful shopping day had to top it off with some Thai Food at Cafetasia talk about good prices, good food, good drinks, fun atmosphere, unisex bathroom and no CARDING?! yes it was a great day! LOL Had me some chicken shumai, calamari fritters, and spring rolls.. while stealing the boyfriends sweet and sour chicken. Also engaged in some mixology Mai Thai and Flirt on Deck. The resturant is fairly small but very impersonal, close seating, sort of like a cafeteria, dim lighting, and open/secluded kitchen.

Crumbs Red Velvet to top the dinner

Dinner can never end dry walked to Washington Square Park, witness an artist and his work with sand and a late night street entertainment.


Enjoy the video of part of my enjoyment lol

Happy July 4th/ Independence Day
Being in the City for the day before Independence Day proved how lucky we are to even celebrate this holiday for the sky is truly the limit

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