Monday, July 12, 2010

Sublime Dreamer

So I got to email interview Kyle C. Gray (the marketer) one of the team members of the Delaware clothing line
[the other members consist of Brian Wanjare (designer) and James Wood (business fiance ) ]

questions about how and why it all got started..

`1. How did Sublime Dreamer come about?

At the time, we were looking around at what was out, and I didn’t really find anything that fit our personality. we really wanted something simplistic, but rare, and unique, at the same time. And I couldn’t find anything that was out that fit that mold, so I decided that I should start my own line

2. Why Sublime Dreamer?

When we came up with the name we wanted something that embodies what we thought about ourselves. All three of us have goals that we strive to accomplish the best way we can. We’re all unique in our own individual way. When we came up with Sublime Dreamer, we thought of the goals that all of us are trying to accomplish, so we’re dreaming to accomplish that goal. Sublime came from the fact that we want to do it the best way possible, and that no one can compete.

3. How long did it take for it to become a success?

well honestly i don't feel like we are successfully yet our plan is to open up stores. We just don't want people to know us from our website.We wanna be world wide and also branch off to different kind of fashion with this company. Its very possible and we wont stop until we meet that goal.

4. Is there a logo , if so what is it?

When I gave you those three words to describe our brand—simplistic, rare and unique—when I thought of those three things that I wanted my line to embody, I thought of a panda bear. A panda is simplistic, because it is black and white, it’s rare because they’re an endangered species, and it’s also very unique. That’s our logo and where it came from.

5. Is "Transcendently Dreaming" your catch phrase?

I never been asked this question and at the same time i never really thought of it as our catch phase but it very much can be.

6. I see you guys are virtually sold out of you make a certain amount of merchandise?

Yes we do make a Limited amount for supplies. Only to keep demand high for it.

7. What is your price range and who is your target market?

That’s what makes us unique. Anybody can really wear our brand—skateboarders, sneakerheads, college kids—our brand embodies all of that. and the price range varies on the merchandise type.

8.How was the experience of doing college fashion shows and a release party?

The show was great we learned a lot seeing other designers and it also help promoted our line way more then we thought it would. at each show we sold because our brand was new to them and everyone lover our logo. The Release party was fun. it is something we look forward to doing again in the future but in a bigger way.

9. How is the female line working out?

Our Female Collection is going to take more time then we thought only because we are all men. We need to take the time and research what girls really want on there tees. As far as the one tee we put out it sold within that first week

10. How did College Students start a line, was the process a struggle?

It hard to explain i mean we starting with just a name and a logo. our first shirt was just our logo big on a tee and people liked it. It was a struggle getting out there and promoting but because we are so ambitions it didn't take us long. to be honest we came out with our first shirt one year ago.

Heres Some of their Merchandise::


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